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Pippa Cleary

Jake Brunger



Amid a backstage drama of teenage hormones and parental pressure, five finalists gather to compete to be Britain’s best new classical music star. With a live televised final looming, emotions are running high. From bitter vendettas to unexpected romance, which of our competitors will rise to the top? After all, “there can only be one winner…”.




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Prodigy was first performed and produced by National Youth Music Theatre at St James Theatre in London in August 2015.


Produced by Jeremy Walker

Directed by Kate Golledge

Musical direction by Candida Caldicot

Orchestrations by Pippa Cleary and Candida Caldicot

Designed by Diego Pitarch

Lighting design by James Whiteside

Sound design by Andy Graham


Original Cast


The Finalists


Kate (Flute) - Caroline Whittington

Luke (Percussion) - Harry Al-Adwani

Rupert (Trumpet) - Jamie Dodd

Claire (Clarinet) - Amelia Thompson

Jesse (Piano) - Sephora Parish


The Parents


Eileen Cavanagh, Kate’s Mum - Emma Ernest

Dave, Luke’s Dad - Tom Ramsay

George, Rupert’s Dad - Tom Rowland

Susan, Rupert’s Mum - Samantha Bingley

Ian, Claire’s Dad - Dominic Harbison

Jennifer, Claire’s Mum - Rachael Cawte

Anthony, Jessie’s Dad - Jack Reitman

Sally, Jessie’s Mum - Eloise Kenny-Ryder


The Siblings


Harry, Rupert’s Brother - Luke Rozanski

Chloe, Claire’s Sister - Hannah Irvine


The TV Presenters


Dan Davis - Callum Howells

Jenny Jones - Francesca McKean


The Judges


Stefan Sadowski (Trumpet) - Tom Baarda

Veronica Van Camp (Trumpet) - Amber Moore

Stacey - Ellie Sharpe


The Production Team


Melissa Marconi, the TV Producer - Laura Barnard

Marcus, Melissa’s Assistant - Toby Spence-Jones

Geoffrey Middleton, the Conductor - Ciaran Walshe

Cameraman - Ross Clifton

Make-Up Artist - Heather Conder

Production Assistant - Josef Doughty

Wardrobe Assistant - Finley Guy




"Plenty of cultural references file obediently into one-liners which, thanks to Brunger’s knowing and measured wit, consistently hit the mark. The parody of reality television – particularly the competitive and musical kinds – is unrelenting, sharp and well-deserved, with a frank look at modern television’s descent into little more than a visual tabloid. But there’s plenty of lighter jabs served at the popular classical music scene, which can itself be a trifle ridiculous in its coy pomposity." - Musical Theatre Review

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