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Jet Set Go original cast pic



Join Nicola and her in-flight cabin crew as they sing up the aisles and tap-dance down Broadway on a trip to New York and you’ll never forget!




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4 male, 4 female with a band of 5




Jet Set Go! premiered at the 2008 Edinburgh Festival Fringe at George Square Theatre, directed by Luke Sheppard. The production subsequently transferred to Theatre 503 in London, where the entire run sold out in advance of opening night.


The musical was revived in 2009 at Jermyn Street Theatre with a new cast including Mark Evans and Tim Driesen and a new design by Mike Lees. It ran for 3 sell-out weeks and received Time Out's Critics' Choice.


Original Cast


Edinburgh / Theatre 503 cast:


Nicola: Sarah Barratt

Hayley: Katie Birtill

Melanie: Maddie Moate

Julia: Kaytee Crook

Ryan: Alex Johnston

Richard: Mark Senior

Jim: Tom Lee

Paul: Nick Cork


Jermyn Street Theatre cast:


Nicola: Laura Scott

Hayley: Amy Combes

Melanie: Danielle Corlass

Julia: Emily Sidonie

Ryan: John McManus

Richard: Mark Evans

Jim: Philip Riley

Paul: Tim Driesen




“Delightful, inventive and witty new musical about 24 hours in the ordinary working life of a transatlantic airline cabin crew; sex, romance, optimism and jaded cynicism are thrown together into a bitchy, campy but essentially tender-hearted cocktail.” - Dominic Cavendish, The Daily Telegraph


“Scripted by the precociously talented 21-year-old Jake Brunger, and brought to life by a charismatic young cast, Jet Set Go! is one of those rare, unexpected delights that enliven any Fringe." - The Scotsman


"This shiny, happy, high flying show deserves a long haul and should become a cult must see." -